I venture to say that self-control is the key to living in this world. In Lifegroup we’ve been talking about controlling the tongue and all the aspects of that. The book of James says that if a person can control their tongue they are perfect and able to keep the whole body in control (3:2). He goes on to teach that we ought to have control of our listening and temper. Speaking when we should be quiet, not listening when we should, and getting angry when we shouldn’t; produces a life that is undesirable to God (1:19-20).

In today’s culture the internet can get us information that in the past was unimaginable, but with that come information and entertainment we shouldn’t be part of. There are filters to keep us from going to these undesirable websites, but anyone with knowledge of electronic devices can get around them. For those addicted to pornography (one addiction that is rampant in the world today) there are filters that send a message to people one trusts to keep them accountable, but somewhere those addicted need to learn self-control. There are many addictions that are running unchecked in the world today. What is your addiction?

So how do we learn self-control? Addictions or giving in to things can be very damaging to your marriage, family, faith, and relationships – especially with God. We have to decide what is more important to us. Would we rather give in to desires that are harmful to the areas mentioned or put up with discomfort to be the person that is in control of their life?

They say it takes 2-3 weeks to learn a good habit. A bad habit doesn’t take nearly that long. We need to look honestly to see what habits/addictions we have picked up that either hurt or hold back our marriage, family, faith, and relationships. How much does that habit mean to you? Would you rather keep the habit or take the chance of hurting or losing any of the areas mentioned above? The choice is yours. What will you put above your marriage, family, faith, relationships, or God? Think about it and choose what is good and right in these areas.   

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